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November 28, 2013:
Lech Walesa wants a secular ten commandments.


Why Call It A Bible:

You would not call a book a "Secular Book of Mormon" so why a "Secular Bible." If you are going to publish guidelines for living, just call it something easy.

What are the teachings of the secular bible?

New Commandments and Different Take on The Influence of Apples

A Secular Bible has been created by the British Academic AC Grayling. Dubbed the "Atheist Bible" by its detractors, it includes the works of Confucius, Aristotle, and Isaac Newton. In fact, the Secular Bible opens with a reference to Newton's garden experience with an apple as a direct contrast to the story of Eve. According to the author, Humanists (for whom the book is an intended audience) rely on reason to find meaning and purpose in life. Additionally, individuals have to follow the rational self-interest inherent in being good and having good relationships with people. The controversy of the Secular Bible is that many people believe it is designed to supplant the original. In fact, the layout of the Secular Bible would be familiar to any churchgoer or peruser of hotel room nightstands, since the book is set in two columns and uses a form of English designed to sound more timeless. The book has a revised form of the ten commandments and includes maxims like respecting nature, being informed, taking responsibility, and being courageous.

Commentary: Perhaps your problem is that you are looking to get guidance from a book instead of finding things out for yourself. Pass a few judgments once you learn enough to make the right decisions. You can always admit that you are wrong later and change your course. Most religious texts have an air of infallibility about them that people use to hand down their own commandments, which of course contradict whatever faith they claim to follow.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Secular or not, Bibles can still get preachy.