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April 13, 2011:
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What are the benefits of secular bible study?

Way to share knowledge on literary importance of Bible and its lessons.

Secular Bible Study is a way of getting people with different religious and non-religious backgrounds to discuss the Bible in a way that examines its teachings. In many cases, secular bible study groups are put together by churches who are looking to broaden their outreach, or minister to people who come from faiths (and non-faiths, like Atheism) that may not use the Bible as a text. Therefore, the context of any secular bible study program can range from the purely academic to a way of selling Christianity to people who are just interested in the book itself. Nonetheless, secular bible study also affords the believing population a chance to understand the world views of people who may come from different countries and have faiths like Buddhism, Animism, Shinto, and Islam, which follow their own texts and ways of life. By attempting to build a bridge of understanding, secular bible study often brings new meaning to the work for believers and non-believers alike.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Secular Bible study can be just as contentious as regular bible study. Nobody hates each other more than people who have slight differences in their methods of worship. Ask you local Heuguenot if you disagree.